David’s Dulcimers
Hammered Dulcimer Accessories

brushHammered dulcimer brush. Over 4" hog bristles in a wooden handle. Comes in a storage tube. David highly recommends it. $22.00

Contra hammers. These are David's and many professional players first choice of hammers. Hard maple construction. Flexible shafts with small or larger heads. Choices of bare wood, thin or thick leather. $25.00


Hammered Dulcimer Strings:
David's Dulcimers offers a wide variety of strings for the hammered dulcimer.

Solid wire strings:$1.00 each
Piano size / Diameter
#6 / .016
#7 / .018
#8 / .020
#9 / .022
#10/ .024
#11 / .026
#12 / .028

Steel Wound Strings: $2.00 each

Padded hammer bag. Corduro lining with 1/2 inch rigid foam padding. Corduro outside cover available in burgundy, navy, black, and hunter green. The top is secured by zipper with a strap for hanging on your instrument or stand. $24.00



KORG CA-1 compact tuner (credit card size). Accurate, auto off, fully chromatic. Excellent tuner for the money. $22.00


Korg OT 120 Studio Pro Chromatic tuner.
David highly recommends this tuner.. It is the professional player's choice of tuners. The dial allows you to control the sensitivity of the needle. Great for accuracy and durability. $109.00

Chord chart by Kendra Ward.

Color coordinated laminated chart showing chord placement for the hammer dulcimer in keys of D, G, A, C, and F. $5.00



David's Dulcimers has discovered the Snark tuner! Wonderful clip-on tuners that pick up the vibrations easily and hold the needle steady for easy tuning. The SN-5 is the basic model and is $19.00. The SN-5 (red) model has a metronome and a switch that will allow your tuner to tune by picking up vibrations or use a microphone. $29.00 The SN-8 is the newest model and offers super tight tuning. Brighter display and wider bars also make tuning easier. $25.00. All are chromatic tuners that can be used on any instrument. All use the 2032 battery.




David recommends the Contact Mic Clip. Fits all tuners with quarter inch imput jacks. Hooks easily on any hitch pin or bridge. Makes your tuner more efficient by picking up the vibration of the string longer for easier tuning. Eliminates all external noise. $16.00

Padded hammered dulcimer carrying bag. Several sizes and colors of padded cases available.
Contact David's Dulcimers for sizing and prices.

t-handle tuning wrench

goose-neck tuning wrench